Nero 7 Burning Rom

June 19th, 2013

Nero 9 is out

There’s a newer and much cooler version – NERO 9available here GET IT!

Nero 7 Ultra Edition

There is no other software more dependable that Nero for burning CDs. It is serve-all software for managing all your audio and video content including watching, copying and editing. The latest version Nero 7 Ultra edition is an update version of original Nero. The new Nero 7 Ultra edition has better intuitive interface and all new features to manage your file collection. The old features have got an altogether new face lift in the new Nero 7 Ultra edition. Although Windows XP comes with a pre-installed feature for CD burning but Nero still holds the market as the most favored software for handling files.

It has a StartSmart program launcher similar to its older version. Most of the features hold their original position so you do not have to learn a lot to use the new version. The new version, however, lets you add, move, repaire, and update individual components in a file. You can also switch between related components with the help of multi-panel interface. You can carry out tasks such as CD ripping, CD burning and labeling applications at the same time without coming back to the main menu again and again.

What’s New?

The all new media-browsing interface with a remote control is the new tool in Nero 7. It is called Nero Home. Nero Scout, that drives Nero Home, is basically a database tool that tracks all your media files. It also houses support system for media files from new technologies like 5.1, 7.1 audiom Blu-ray discs or HDV video. New and improved features are available for DVD creation and back up tool. At $99 it is great software compared to its competitors in the market. Nero has traversed the journey from disc-creation tools to media-editing tools. Now, Nero makes a foray into media playback with Nero Home.

It also comes with a bigger system memory of 600 MB which means you need to have ample space before installing it. If you are not going to use a lot of Nero, then choose “custom install” and deselect the options that you would not be requiring the most. You can also choose to add and remove languages while installing. So if you are not a German, you can opt out from German while installation. It would spell in lesser memory usage for your system. You can also deselect file associations if you do not want Nero to handle all types of media related files.

The new Nero 7 Ultra edition shows a complete facelift of application interface. SmartScreen in the new Nero 7 lets you choose the programs by tasks. You can also change colors from the simple controls provided. After choosing an appropriate task, Nero easily open the relevant application. All interfaces are Windows like which are pretty easy to navigate.

The new Nero 7 Ultra also has increased capabilities for burning CDs. The better interfaces in Nero 7 also allow you to burn Blu-ray data discs and capture, edit and export HD-DVD. You can do all the activities sitting on the couch with the help of a remote. It also supports surround sound as it has support incorporated for 5.1 and 7.1. The new version showcases major improvements in Nero BackItUp as its has improved scheduling options, FTP support and is capable of creating bootable restore discs. You can also create back up drives to internal or external hard discs. The only drawback is its tedious wizard. You can also create your own songs with the SoundBox and have a little fun with audio files. Like always, Nero 7 also comes with generous support policies including free upgrades and 10 days of unlimited support.

Short Comings

Nero’s Scout takes forever to index the hard disk initially even when there are not many files. Nero Home is slow and you find yourself waiting a few seconds longer for your files to appear. The movie making feature from Nero 7, Nero Vision, requires serious improvements as compared to its competitors like Ulead Video Studio and Adobe Premiere Elements. The whole software requires large disk space of about 600 MB for complete installation and demands system resources for its optimum functioning. There is no DivX support either present in the new Nero 7 Ultra Edition. Nevertheless, it is a good choice for those who work with large memory and bigger disk spaces specially users of advanced disk-mastering and audio features.

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