Kaspersky Security for Ultra Portables

June 19th, 2013

When the PC market was taken by the ultraportable nettops like a storm, one obvious problem that haunted me was the absence of a proper antivirus and internet security that can match the system specifications and yet give the protection that we all look for while we are on the internet.

Kaspersky Security for Ultra Portables

Kaspersky Security for Ultra Portables

The basic aspect of the nettops is that they are systems built with minimal features and cannot support any high end and system space consuming applications. So, my question was: “is there something kind of antivirus and internet security that can play well in those ‘bare minimum’ conditions?” Kaspersky Lab had the answer and they just delivered whatever I was looking for.

Product features at a glance

  • Trojan, Worm and Virus protection.
  • Adware and Spyware protection.
  • Scans emails, files and internet traffic and also the instant messages.
  • Protects proactively against threats which are not known.
  • Personal firewall for anti-hacking.
  • Advanced anti-spam protection.
  • Links for websites having malwares is disabled.
  • Provides anti-phishing security.
  • Signature database gets updated every hour automatically.
  • The product gives automatic security to all the applications.
  • Unknown applications are assigned with security ratings.
  • Access to sensitive data by unknown applications is restricted.
  • Allows safe entering of private data by the help of virtual keyboard.
  • Monitors global threats.
  • Provides privacy and parental controls.
  • Allows automatic configuration of software while installation.
  • Provides complete protection when you are using encrypted websites.
  • Provides two interactive modes, advanced and automatic.
  • Free technical support!

Kaspersky Security Protection

Kaspersky Security Protection

Into the details

What I found is that Kaspersky™ Security for Ultra Portables is optimized and priced specifically for the users of ultra portables. Most importantly, I was happy and satisfied to find that the security provided was same as the most advanced security suites available in the market.

Anti-Malware Engine

It has been reengineered to improve the scanning speed by 300% on the first scan and by 700% in the subsequent scan. The system boot time has been reduced to more than 35% and this makes Kaspersky one of the fastest scanning engines in the market.

System requirements

Well, this is something that I was eyeing upon. The product picks up minimum system memory for operation and this has been greatly improved so that it can cope up with the system resources of the ultra portables. Since the system requirements are minimal, it gave a positive user experience!

Security Network

Impressed! Though designed for ultra portables, Kaspersky Labs ensures that even the users of the nettops can enjoy the facility of the security network and the Kaspersky™ Security for Ultra Portables is designed to report any unknown threat to the Labs so that they can take proper action against the new culprit and that everyone can enjoy the benefit!

Parental control

Waha! If I had some kids, I would have enjoyed this! Well, you can actually set parental control on certain sites and contents of your computer and keep your child away from those “DON’T SEE” stuff!

Application Activity Filtering

Wow! This was the first expression that I had when I first came across this. I often keep on installing certain applications which I feel to be helpful. The Kaspersky™ Security for Ultra Portables helped me to determine the trustworthiness of several applications! I know that my computer is safe!


There is nothing special to speak about this feature and is at par with all other standard products. It will automatically download and install important security updates every hour if scheduled!
Firewall and intrusion protection: This protects your data from the hackers and gives them a tough time to deal with!

Kaspersky Security Virtual Keyboard

Kaspersky Security Virtual Keyboard

Virtual keyboard

Finally something that can help me to act against the spywares. Quite recently I was bugged by spywares and faced keylogging. I was pessimistic until I came across Kaspersky™ Security for Ultra Portables. I enter all my private data using the virtual keyboard that helps me in protecting my information and helps avoiding identity theft!


What I personally feel is that the Kaspersky™ Security for Ultra Portables is by far the best security product for the ultra portable computer needs which can understand the needs based on your computer specifications. Try it out… you may feel the same!

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