123 Copy DVD

June 19th, 2013

123 Copy DVD

DVD RW prices have reduced drastically which has made them quite affordable. This has led to increase in DVD burning each day. A DVD RW has also proved to be great way to create backup for data of any sort. Moreover, people are also burning DVDs to create a backup of their movie collection. A great way to burn DVDs is to use good DVD backup software. 123 Copy DVD is recent software that has aroused interest amongst people due to its convenience and easy of use.

What does 123 Copy DVD do?

123 Copy DVD is powerful DVD backup tool that offers an easy interface to the user to create backup of your DVD collection. It is so easy that even a computer novice can use it create backup of his CDs. All you need is three simple clicks to create a back up of your DVD without any prior knowledge of creating backups. This means you can take a backup of your full DVD collection is just no time all.

What Are Its Key Features?

123 Copy DVD lets you create back up of your entire DVD collection. An entire DVD or specific DVD features can be easily copied onto a blank DVD in both R or +R fomat. It also lets you create a copy of multi-channel audio and allows you to select which features from original DVD you want to keep and which you do not want to keep. You can also copy any episodic movie such as Sex and the City, or The Soparanos. Apart from 24/7 technical support, you also get free online updates and patches.

What Is the Technology Involved?

Most of the prevalent software for DVD burning like Nero cannot take backups of commercial DVDs as come with CSS copy protection. You need to first decrypt this protection so that it is possible to take back up of your files. Since it is illegal to decrypt the CSS Copy protection code, therefore, 123 Copy DVD takes a backup without decrypting the code. It enables a free third party update that is installed via product update feature. This patch facilitates decryption of CSS file that enables backup of commercial DVDs.

Apart from that 123 Copy DVD works great as a compression and reauthorizing software. Most of the commercial DVDs are available as dual layer which means they have storage capacity of more that 4.3GB. Thus it prevents you from taking a backup of normally available 4.38GB single layer DVDs.

123 Copy DVD allows you to take backup of dual-layer DVDs on single layer ones. There are two methods for carrying out this task. One, you can re-author the movie by removing additional features, menu items or sound tracks. It helps in dramatically reducing the compression while keeping the original quality but it depends upon the length of the movie. Another method is to backup the complete DVD with the help of high level of compression. This results in loss of quality of the movie. Some people do not mind keeping the whole movie backup even if they have to lose some quality of the picture or sound. With 123 Copy DVD you can choose whichever method you like the best.

Minimum systems requirements for using 123 Copy DVD are Windows 98, SE/Me/2000/XP, Intel Pentium 800MHz, 128MB RAM, Direct X 8.1 or higher and nearly 10 GB temporary disk space and DVD-R/RW or DVD+R/RW burner. You can easily purchase it online and download a 10.6 MB folder. Even if you are on a dial-up connection, downloading 123 Copy DVD is not expensive.

Pros and Cons

123 Copy DVD gives you least expensive, good quality commercial DVD software that allows retailing well under $30. 123 Copy DVD is not only easy to use but also have exceptional trans-coding times. Even a computer novice can use the software can use it efficiently without any technical know-how. It adheres to the law and does not break the CSS copy protection code.

However, the software does not install any shortcut on the desktop. It allows only maximum size to be set at 4380 MB rather than 4.46GB to get better quality. You can choose only slow medium and fast burn speeds rather than selecting the exact burning speed as per your requirement. You cannot cut out unnecessary credit so that you can improve upon the quality of the DVD. Moreover, the help file is pretty sparse that is not much useful. If you have a long DVD then you cannot split very long movies into two blank single layer DVDs.

Nevertheless, 123 Copy DVD is a good option for novices to burn their DVDs and have a backup of their precious movie collection.

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